In June 2018 we set out seven separate monitors of air quality in and around Mitcham Fair Green.

This was a follow up exercise to air quality monitoring we did in July 2016.

In 2016 we wanted to find out what air qualtiy was like at Mitcham Fair Green before the bus street went through the centre of the green, allowing buses to avoid the one way system, and allowing the bus stops at the large Western Road junction to be removed.

By the summer of 2018 the bus was going through Mitcham Fair Green, and so we repeated the air quality monitoring exercise. We also added in a few new places, bringing the total locations monitored in 2018 to seven.

Mitcham Society air quality survey June 2018 - including a comparison with the 2016 results.

Read our 2016 findings in full.

In the mean time, our 2016 air quality monitoring results feature on this air qualtiy map for Mitcham, which includes measurements made by both Merton Council and community groups like us.