A proposed four storey block of flats would be taller than Barclays Bank which is next to it at one end, and run all the way down to Magrath, which it would dwarf. The proposed flats are blocky, too tall, ugly, lacking any character, and entirely out of keeping with what Mitcham Village needs. Object now to protect Mitcham Village.

To see all the details of the application online go here and click on "view related documents" towards the bottom of the page.

Look for "19P2747 Design and Access Statement Amended 10.10.19.pdf" and go to point 5.1 in that document to see changes proposed after the first round of comments. 

Please submit your comments to planning.representations@merton.gov.uk and include the application number, 19/P2747, in the subject line of your email. Clicking the link above should do this automatically. Please do this if you agree with us that these flat will blight Mitcham. If they get permission, similar, even taller blocks may be proposed. It could be the end of Mitcham Village.

The original plans have been slightly altered - but not in any way which affects their overall height or the damage they would do to Mitcham Village. We have submitted two sets of  comments: