Merton Council's own development company, Merantun, has plans to build flats on the Raleigh Gardens car park in Mitcham. This is an important proposal as Mitcham is under severe development pressure at present, and Merantun should be setting the highest standards. Sadly it falls well short of the mark. 

The proposals run to six storeys high, with an addtional pitched roof which makes the flats loom over everything else nearby.

The dense design, and dark coloured brick do nothing to ease the overwhelming nature of the proposed development, which Merton Council's own Design Review Panel called overdevelopment when they met to discuss the plans in October this year. The Design Review Panel includes people with experience in planning and in building design.

We are concerned that a report on daylight and sunlight simply dismisses the fact that nearly a third of windows in the block of Glebe Court closest to the proposed development will be affected by loss of light. Where these rooms are bedrooms and kitchens the report sees the loss of light as insignificant. We disagree completely with this assessment. People have a right to natural light in all of their rooms. 

We believe this proposal contravenes a number of Merton Council's own policies on development - and we list them in our comments. We think Merantun, as Merton Council's development company, should set the very highest standards, and it fails to do so. 

We have commented on the planning application asking Merton Council to refuse permission. 

Al the relevant documents about the proposal are here.

You can submit views to - include the number of the planning application which is 19/P4048 in the subject line of your email. The closing date for comments is 16th January 2020. You can continue to submit comments after the closing date for comments has passed.Comments from individuals will not be published online. 

Read what we've said - Raleigh Gardens Car Park Mitcham Society comments

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