Merton Council ran a public consultation on the future of Mitcham Town Centre. This took place between the end of May and the end of August 2023.

We responded with a ten point plan, listing many actions Merton Council can take now or put into immediate planning, in order to make Mitcham Village an attractive place to visit, shop and spend time. We also submitted our Manifesto for Mitcham Village (updated for 2023 earlier in the year) and our response to Merton Council's consultation on public toilets submitted in March this year. 

All three documents are in our Mitcham Society response to Mitcham Matters consultation August 2023.

Our ten point plan focuses on actions Merton Council can take now or put into immediate planning to enhance and develop Mitcham Village. Among them are:

  • Reduce motor traffic, including removing the roads around Fair Green and the market space.
  • Make the road crossings more pedestrian friendly - and we give four specific examples.
  • Provide standalone public toilets - because we know that the lack of public toilets puts people off visiting an area.
  • Come down hard on littering and flytiping.
  • Restore the wildflower planting at the clock tower and make the public water fountain work again.
  • Pay attention to the many small greens and grassed areas, ensuring they are well cared for to make a welcoming and unique atmosphere for Mitcham Village.